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The traditional role of a visitor to an art museum is relatively passive, one is an observer who looks at art with a certain distance. With the exhibition Participation comes a desire and an intention to lower the threshold for experiencing contemporary art to a wider audience. All works in the exhibition is participative. They invite the public to participate and engage physical and practical, and through the open for reflection. Participation aspect of the exhibition goes in two directions. Some of the artworks invites the visitor to look to themselves and get involved on an emotional level. Others require the visitor that he / she completes the work of art by engaging physically in one way or another, so as to discover what art can be.
When we accept the challenge and participate in the work, the meaning of the work appear. Merely consider pedal and speakers in A. K. Dolven Seven Voices will cause the plant remains closed. But we dare to step on the pedal in Seven Voices, perform any of the instructions to Kurt Johannessen, or take us the trouble of writing down a good wish and tie string around one of the branches of Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, then wakes up the exhibition to life for us . Without audience, no art.

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