Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández Creation, Participation, and the Political Life of Cultural Production – Vortrag

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In this talk, Gaztambide-Fernández draws from his research on the experiences of secondary students in public arts schools as well as his participatory action research with young immigrants and Indigenous students in Toronto public schools in order to offer examples of what it means to approach arts education from a cultural production paradigm. Building on his critique of the “rhetoric of effect” in arts education, Gaztambide-Fernández elaborates on the notion of cultural production as a framework for thoughtful arts education and advocacy. Rather than seeing issues of equity, access, and social justice as outcomes or as problems to be solved, his framework takes these issues as points of departure where “difference” and the “difference that difference makes” become starting points for creative symbolic work. The presentation will elaborate on the notion that creation and participation are intimately linked, whether implicitly or explicitly, and that only an understanding of this link can yield a rationale for the centrality of cultural production in education and for the pursuit of social justice goals.