MOBILISING THE PERIPHERY # 4 Focus Latin America: From Segregation to Integrated Urban Landscape

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As a result of three decades of continuous population growth, today 80% of the Latin American population lives in urban areas, making it one of the most urbanised regions in the world, all be it that with dramatic variations in the degree and type of urbanisation across the region. Significant social and physical inequalities challenge urban planning and governance, and seem to be ingrained in the overriding form of peri-urban landscape that has emerged, characterised by distinct and expansive low-density peripheries.

This fourth symposium within the ANCB & Schindler collaborative research project on urban periphery explores broad-ranging urban research and practice responses to this peri-urban condition, including: physical integration as an urban landscape; new planning concepts and politics reflecting actual interdependencies between the urban, peri-urban and rural; multi-actor participation models for redressing severe urban imbalances; new administrative structures that reflect the spatial shifts to the peri-urban; and progressive legal frameworks responsive to formal and informal land use.