Mapping Berlin: Collective Narration on Imaginary and Emergent Spaces

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Mapping Berlin is an exhibition and program of events where individually constructed systems for mapping space, time and urban history are showcased and discussed by eleven Berlin-based artists, extending an invitation to the public to participate in the making/editing/publication of a »Collective Memory Atlas« during the exhibition.

Collective Memory Atlas is a collaborative action which with help of Instagram and Sparkle aims to map cultural actors and spaces in Berlin. June 2017 – August 2017.

  • Take photos of places, events, people that you find culturally important in Berlin
  • Upload the photo on Instagram using the hashtag #mapber
  • Shortly title the place, exhibition, person, event
  • Geolocate the photo
  • See yours and others instagram posts on our website where a social map is displayed thanks to the partnership with Sparkle
  • On 10th of August visit Gallerie Wedding to find out if you’re one of our lucky six competition winners who will receive a book
  • Please note that your photo could be selected to be published on our social media channels with credits linking to your account. We will focus on: Relevance, Story, Originality, Aesthetics

More Information:

Exhibiting artists: Roland Fuhrmann, Michael Johansson, Margret Holz, Christine Kisorsy, Katrin von Lehmann, Sara Wallgren, Marcelina Wellmer, Sencer Vardarman
Contributing artists: Rebecca Agnes, Stefania Migliorati and Ame Zek
Project by Berlinerpool Arts Network, Andrzej Raszyk, Paz Ponce