MakeCity 2018 – The Festival For Architecture And Urban Alternatives: The Second Chapter – BERLIN REMIXING

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Berlin will set the stage for the second international Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives in 2018. The 17 day programme takes place throughout the city from 14th June – 1st July. Over 120 exhibitions, workshops, Make City Open curated tours and Studio Talks are being developed together with numerous partners and co-designers.

MakeCity’s international programme is devised in and out of the current climate in Berlin. The framework of this contemporary city and the rapid changes underway here on every level ­– governmental, civic, spatial and architectural – sets the stage for a resolutely trans-sectoral and trans-disciplinary approach.

Berlin Remixing is both an ideal and a goal – to build bridges in the urban discourse between often starkly polarised positions. To encourage critical debate and new perspectives. To offer alternatives to the top-down vs. bottom up discourse on city making. Throughout Europe, the financial crisis has led to a fundamental and long-term rethink on the civic economy. Austerity economics have led to drastically cutbacks in social and public services. This has increasingly called forth a far greater level of civic engagement – and with it alternative economic models for regeneration in cities. MakeCity intends to reflect new coalitions between civic movements, municipalities, urban planners and progressive developers that are paving the way for the reactivation of a social contract for urban change. The festival features new architecture and new typologies and design processes that reflect such paradigm shifts.